Entering Japanese Market

  The "safety and security" brand of Japanese products is recognized worldwide. The Japanese market can be used as a Test-bed for a new product aiming to expand the world market. After gaining a high reputation in the Japanese market, the new product will develop into a product that can be used in the world market with added value of "safety and security" improved.


  The J - manes (Japan Market Access & New Entry Support) service will support foreign companies entering the Japanese market. We will support the implementation of new product creation innovation by collaboration with Japanese companies as well as Japanese market development of new products that overseas companies have just developed independently.


  The J - manes service provides the following basic services and optional services for Goods (Services, Systems, Products) in the region of leading - edge ICCNST (Information, Communication, Control, Navigation, Surveillance and Technology)


<Basic service>

Support for deployment of new Goods in the Japanese market

· Japanese market research on new Goods

· Consideration of commercialization of new Goods

· Import of new Goods

· Sales of new Goods


<Optional service>

Support for implementation of new Goods creation innovation

· New product creation joint project through collaboration with Japanese companies


Incidentally, We are already offering g-manes (Global Market Access & New Entry Support) service to support new Goods creation joint project between Japanese and Chinese companies

Our Company

Core Competence

 Our core competence is "technology strength" in ICCNST domain and "EPCN" of personal networks among industry, government and academic experts in Japan.


  Overseas companies can utilize our core competence through collaboration with us. It is possible to advance into the Japanese market with excellent "quick" and "investment versus effect".

Business Alliance Merit

 For overseas companies that have concluded a "Consulting Business Contract Concerning the Advancement of the Japanese Market" with Kurouto networks Company, we will establish a dedicated HP within our website. Overseas companies can provide corporate information (free) and new product advertisement (charged) to companies in Japan, national research institutions and universities.


 In addition, the language of guidance and advertisement is basically English. In accordance with your request, we will make an advanced translation to Japanese sentences for a fee.